Thermolan® system promotes the industrial manufacturing of CGI

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AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Centre has created a new technology that reinforces the industrial manufacturing of Compact Graphite Iron (CGI) components, based on Thermolan® system. Based on thermal analysis (using Thermolan® system), the new development from AZTERLAN Metallurgy Research Center correlates the various factors involved in the formation of compact graphite (CGI) and provides a significant boost to the industrial production of compact graphite iron cast components. Compact graphite iron (CGI), also known as vermicular graphite iron, displays outstanding mechanical properties such as high thermal conductivity and vibration damping, comprised between those of lamellar and spheroidal cast iron. These qualities make this material notably attractive for applications that require high thermal conductivity, which are currently manufactured in grey cast iron. Due to its higher mechanical properties, the use of CGI allows…
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