What is DyMetriCS?

DyMetriCS, is a portable mismatch controller for molds in vertical molding systems that stores and analyzes the calibration measurements of the molds, diagnosing whether the molding machine needs to be readjusted.

Compound by a measuring instrument and automated control and analysis software that allows to know, at any time, the status of the molding machine and keep it in optimal conditions throughout the manufacturing process.

Why use DyMetriCS?

The mismatch of the molds is a problem that it usually generates an extra deposition of metal as of ‘seams or burrs’, which have to be removed by mechanical operations at the end of the process. In the most critical cases, the mismatch can generate molding defects such as stresses or breaks, and produce defective parts defective.

To ensure that the clearances are kept tight during the manufacture of the mold and do not cause defects, it is essential to carry out a thorough control of the molding machine, ensuring that the variations in both the static behavior (when stopped) and the dynamic behavior (that of the machine when it is running), it remains below certain limits.