Thermolan® is a prediction system of the main properties of castings in real time.

With a simple methodology, it allows a correct analysis of the percentage of carbon in real time to avoid shrinkage problems and ensure the mechanical properties of the manufactured parts. Moreover, it monitors the characteristics of the base metal, detects deviations and evaluates if the minimum quality criteria are met to ensure the manufacture of parts without defects.

Furthermore, Thermolan can be used to:

  • Determine the effect of different raw materials or fusion methodologies.
  • Check the effect of the different treatments to which the liquid metal is subjected.
  • And measure and compare, the effect of different inoculants.

In this way, we are able to define in a more objective way the most suitable and profitable raw materials, additives and procedures to obtain the metallurgical characteristics that best adapt to the needs of each casting process.

Thermolan® is also capable of predicting, on the production line, the result that will be obtained in terms of the most critical aspects of the cast components at all times, such as:

  • The % (percentage) of Nodularity that the pieces will present.
  • Carbide Risk.
  • The risk of having problems of contraction or internal porosity.
  • The matrix structure.
  • And the Mechanical Properties.

Through the early detection of risk situations, Thermolan® helps us to minimize reaction time, to limit the needs for final controls and inspections of 100% at very specific times and to significantly reduce the % (percentage) of rejection due to metallurgical causes.

By integrating Thermolan® in the real-time control of the key points of the plant, you will be able to develop more efficient, stable and much more controlled smelting processes, very significantly reducing the costs associated with failures in metallurgical quality.