About us

Veigalan is a company dedicated to develop technological products related to real-time control and advanced management for metallurgical processes.

Moreover, Veigalan provides services related to digital transformation and the implementation of 4.0 technologies to its customers.

Veigalan advises and develops tailor-made projects, which allow our clients to achieve significant cost savings, through easier and more efficient management of their production processes.

Veigalan is specialized in all kinds of metallurgical transformation processes.


Why we?

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Our products


Our services

Technological Audits
Standardized process for evaluating the degree of technological maturity of the company at the level of production control.
Custom 4.0 projects
Veigalan proposes and develops custom 4.0 projects, according to the needs and priorities of the customer. Depending on the customer's starting point, projects can address all phases or focus on particular ones.
Capture and Management of Process Data
Your company will be able to obtain automated traceability of your process thanks to the work that Veigalan develops in the capture and management of your process data.
Automated Process Monitoring
Veigalan works to monitor, detect deviations, generate alarms and propose corrective actions in real time. In addition, it works to achieve an advanced user experience in plants.
Predictive Software for Advanced Control
Using advanced analysis of historical process data, you can discover patterns that will improve it.
Customized Training
Related to the integration of technology and the different software applied to the optimized management of metallurgical processes.

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