DigiMAT project featured on Basque TV

DigiMAT project has recently been featured on Teknopolis TV program (emited by EITB on June 12th) as a part of the reportage «Digital and Green Metallurgy». Among the interviews performed to members from different technology centres, AZTERLAN researcher Argoitz Zabala, coordinator of Intelligent Manufacturing Technologies research line, explained part of the research work performed within the DigiMAT project: «we have focused on the right traceability of manufacturing processes. Capturing data from different parts of the proccess is not enough, on the contrary, correlation between data must be performed to find out which parametres have affected the characteristics of the components manufactured».

Researcher Argoitz Zabala, coordinator of Intelligent Manufacturing Processes (AZTERLAN) was inteviewed by Teknopolis TV program. DIGIMAT Smart Module is shown in the screens behind him.